Friday, October 10, 2014

What major factors influence wine styles?

In regards to key wine styles. Today, wine is produced everywhere Brazil, Israel, Australia, the world even in Wisconsin, USA where alot the great cheese of the world is at! Get the point?!?

The grape variety, the environment, the care given to the grapes and how the wine is made and matured are vital.

Tradition is key; but economics is crucial too. The ability to grow the crops sustainably within a given climate is probably most essential these days, I think.

Wine, is historical, artistic, romantic, geographical, cultural... gastronomy is so important, investment potential and science is big time important as well-- one giant ball of thinking and enjoyment.

Terroir: the climate, the soil and the grape varieties... are at the core of terroir ... The land or soil, a sense of place...The climate-soil-water relationships; again the grape varietal, wine processing, wine aging and the wine region.

Sometimes it doesn't matter what the weather does, but generally when weather is on target, wine regions produce outstanding wines. I heard somewhere that winegrowers are calling it the "Goldilocks Effect" which is cool!

So how do the you organize and choose the most ideal wines for your taste? Well, there is a system to wine styles that most appeal to you. Think about Elegance, Boldness, Fruitiness and Suppleness and how it fits around those terms to start. It's in the eye of the beholder though and very nuanced. Trust yourself!


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