• What is an Oenologist?
Oenologists are the professionals who supervise not only Viticulture and Enology production in the winery but also the storage, analysis, preservation, bottling and sale of wine. If Sommeliers are responsible for recommending and making sure that wine arrives with the final consumer in the best condition, Oenologists are responsible for producing the product.

*UC Davis is continually recognized as a world-renowned institution for research and teaching in the fields of Viticulture and Enology, leading the way in state-of-the art facilities and industry advancements.

 *UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (IFAS) Mid-Florida Research and Education Center located in Apopka has a number of interesting things afoot in the field of plant genetics happening in Central Florida.

 *Florida A&M University’s Center for Viticulture and Small Fruit Research discovered that “when compared to Vitis vinifera, muscadine cultivars [Carlos] have higher amounts of phenolics and possesses higher antioxidant activity”This led to Resveratrol which is currently being studied around the globe for its activity as an antioxidant, and its anti-infective, anti-cancer, and anti-aging nature. 

• Who Needs Wine Consulting?
It's really about education. Basically everyone in this saturated market of wine needs Wine Consulting...especially if you truly desire to enjoy the wines you purchase. Everyone can benefit from having their wine selected according to their specific needs and tastes. It makes sense to buy smart.

The difference between the wines that you can pick up at a major store and the wines that a good Concierge Sommelier can acquire for you, are palpable. Give the service a try for your monthly wine 
purchases and see you like it.

• What are Wine Advisory Services? (see Wine Advisory Services section)

Menu Development - We have relationships with full service culinary staff leaders with years of industry experience. We can create new menu concepts or freshen up an existing menu concept.

Employee Training - Ongoing and systematic staff training in wine theory and etiquette including menu training — and performance reporting

Wine Distributor Services - Leveraging sommelier expertise when dealing with distributors to select and source and maintain wine inventory. Also assisting with new purchases.

Marketing Programs - Marketing is where it all begins. Our talented marketing partners will research and develop a wine marketing strategy that is designed to assist you in exceeding your sales and financial goals. Make your Social Media get you customers; engage with customers across all platforms.

• What is Personal Wine Consulting / Wine Shopping?

Arrange a private consultation with a Concierge Sommelier. A meeting can be set over the email, phone or in person to discuss your current wine taste, purchasing habits and adventurous spirit. The consultant will recommend either a monthly wine program or a weekly pick-up/delivery.

• What services are available for Private Collections?

Cellar Management & Wine Valuation Services

• Is there Event Wine Consulting?

Nothing is more important than than a special event, if you are planning it. Let a Concierge Sommelier can assist you with the spirit and wine selection for that perfect and memorable event.

Celebratory: Anniversaries, Ceremonies, Receptions, Birthdays, Special Dinners, Holidays and any other worthy event of some great tasting Wine!

Business: Product Launches, Business Receptions,  Wine Education, Lunches & Dinners.

• Is there any Business Wine Consulting?

If you are a restaurant looking to build an impressive wine list selection a consultant can assist you selecting vineyard specific and limited production wines, to pair with your established menu.

• What kind of Beverage Program and Wine List Development?

Wine Lists, Cocktail Lists, Beer, Spirit & Non-Alcoholic Beverage Selections

• Corporate Business Gifts?

There is nothing like the gift of wine for a memorable impression. A consultant can select wines and pairings according to your desired specifications and budget.

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