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It is the Wine Correspondent Alliance’s premise that there is an acute need for the professional development of qualified scientists, educators and economists to ensure the growth of the American wine industry. there is an acute need for accomplished professionals, scientists and educationalists to undertake education in oenology, viticulture, epidemiology and health aspects of food and wine and economics.  This can be accomplished with the help of scholarships.

The health benefits of wine today is key... Epidemiologic studies from numerous disparate populations reveal that individuals with the habit of daily moderate wine consumption enjoy significant reductions in all-cause and particularly cardiovascular mortality. The knowledge obtained is useful in epidemiological reconstructions, in real-time surveillance, and may enable us to make predictions about the future developments of viral diseases.

For winemakers, grapevine diseases can be devastating. Unfortunately, there are many kinds of vine diseases that thrive in all sorts of conditions. Pierce’s Disease, Esca Disease, Phylloxera, Downy Mildew, Powdery Mildew, Grey Mold, Black Rot, Sour Rot , Red Blotch and Vine Trunk Diseases devastate plants and ruin crops, causing economical and land distress. These scholarships help Scientists and winemakers continue their ongoing research and experimentation to keep these diseases under control.

In accordance with the above, the WCAF annually awards academic scholarships to support full-time graduate students pursuing degrees in enology, viticulture, virology, epidemiology or health aspects of wine. Applicants must be North American citizens or permanent residents (i.e., the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and West Indies Islands) and enrolled in a college or university orignal-research program leading to an MS or PhD degree.  Applications must be fully completed and submitted by March 31 of each calendar year to be eligible for a scholarship award beginning in the fall term of the following academic year.  Scholarship materials may be found on this site at the Application page.


The Wine Correspondent Alliance Foundation (WCAF) mission is to support education and research candidates entering the wine industry through scholarships for college programs. It plans to achieve it’s mission by awarding academic scholarships and research grants to students based on academic excellence and genuine interest in pursuing careers in wine-related fields. This mission is to support viticultural, virology, epidemiology, plant genetics and enological sciences


The WCAF was conceived in 2019 from within the Wine Correspondent Inc (WCI)founded in 2006. WCAF is related to, but operates separately from, the WCI. Members of the WCI are automatically also become members of the WCAF.  For complete information on the WCI, please visit their web site at:

The Wine Correspondent Alliance Foundation (WCAF) annually awards academic scholarships (currently valued at $2000 each) to support full-time students pursuing degrees in enology, viticulture, health, or business aspects of wine; additionally Biology, Virology, Pharmaceutics, Epidemiology, Agronomical Engineering, Chemistry or Technical Agricultural Engineering. Applicants must be North American (i.e., U.S., Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and West Indies Islands) citizens or permanent residents and enrolled in a college or university program leading to an MS, PhD degree or associated standard level certification.

Charitable Giving Options

Any time of year, especially at year's end, there are personal income tax planning issues that can be considered. Among these is the opportunity to gift appreciated assets (e.g., stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate) to qualifying organizations, such as the Wine Correspondent Alliance Foundation (WCAF).

Such gifts are normally tax deductible to the donor at full market value.

The WCAF has three fund types established to support both operation of the Board of Trustees and to provide scholarships. These funds are;

the General Fund that supports Board operation,
the Endowment Fund that provides Foundation scholarships into perpetuity, and
Special Scholarship Funds that bear the name of an individual, group or corporation.

As a tax-qualified 501(c)(3) organization, the WCAF can accept charitable gifts. Contributions should be tax deductible but to be sure please check with a tax advisor.

Our Donor Contribution form is here.

The WCAF requests that those who are considering year-end charitable gifts remember WCAF in their planning. Please contact your personal financial advisor or one of the WCAF Trustees named below for additional information.

WCAF Award of Merit

The criterion for this award is a consistent record of valuable service to the Wine Correspondent Alliance Foundation (WCAF).  Candidates for this award may be those who have distinguished themselves through consistent and significant contributions (either personal or through organizations such as American Wine Society (AWS) chapters and regions) to WCAF, or participation as a Trustee, or both.

 Alternatively, contributions may include substantial and meritorious achievement in at least one phase of wine education, such as viticulture, enology, education, marketing or journalism.  For each nominee, consideration should be given to his (her) actual accomplishments in comparison with others in the same field, and their impact on improving the quality of wine through educational efforts.  Consideration may be given to the sum total of the accomplishments over a period of time.  A sensational achievement in one or two years may be outweighed by a long sustained record of valuable service with widespread impact.

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