Friday, November 11, 2011

Some thoughts on French White Burgundy

All the Best of wine lists are coming out about now and it's made me think about some of what I've been drinking more of this year and that's French white Burgundy. So many of the 2008 and 2009's I have tasted have shown alot of good flavors and acidity, good drinking but you can tell that these can hold up for several years. The 2009's have more acidity on the surface making for some lively wines.

Here are some thoughts on the French Burgundy wine styles. I and expansively toured the French region in the summer 2007 in what I would call a whirlwind yet very detailed gastronomical experience.

Chablis - has a very high acidity and givers you a real accurate expression of the terroir, limestone chalk and flint. Premeirs and Gand Cru's especially can be very fresh. I guess you still need to mention it...Chablis is not the fake California one you used to see ages it's all good. Some of it can be pricey but worth it.

Mersault - can be ripe and can be rich and heavy, it can be smooth or it can be very tenacious with alot of minerality like wet stones. very alive. Harder to find sometimes

Chassagne-Montrachet - in the higher slpopes you find arguably the greatest expression of Chardonnay floral, smooth crisp very cool sometimes racy or spicy with sweet fruit. Probably the most consistent in the region that I've tasted over time. It costs a bit more because there's just not alot of it around in retrospect; but if you see it and can swing it try it.

Rully - full of fruit and a steely, very fresh and unemotional, this is a positive especially for seafood and shellfish. These always taste very classic to me.

St. Aubin - Juicy wines that are racy with delicious fresh fruit sometimes you can smell things like leaves on the trees; these wines have a focus and feel reserved to my palate.

Maconnais - at the southern end of Burgundy these wines are have a developed and rounded feel to the with big acidity and freshness. you look for balance in these wines and when you find it, it's a knock out. It's where you say "try tastes like it costs a fortune!" Great with Camambert or Brie Cheese!

All in all. I feel pretty strong about this wine region and its good to see how these wines standup to the American counterparts. There's that great movie 'Bottleshock' that goes into that and it's just as good as the 'Sideways.' movie.