About Wine Correspondent

About Wine Correspondent 

"I love wine(it's like my alter-ego)... and all its aspects; with all my education...one day, coaching and mentoring as a knowledge transfer facilitator. Sounds robotic!, but it's nothing so intense. Just being merely a coach or teacher is perhaps what is important to do with my wine knowledge."
- Ralph Del Rio

At its core, Wine Correspondent promotes the appreciation and advancement of wine, all wine, especially American wine.

To foster the knowledge of oenology, to promote the responsible use of wine, and to educate wine tasters, winemakers, wine-grape growers, and the wine-community.

It is through the Wine Correspondent's foundation we support the acute need for the professional development of qualified experts and scientists to ensure the growth of the American wine industry.

*see these mirror sites  https://winecorrespondent.net/  or  https://winelively.com/ 

Similarly, due to convergent technologies and fields of research that focus on biomedicine, evidence-based practices and sustainability impact the wine, healthcare and security industries; Wine Correspondent supports candidates entering the wine, agriculture and biocentric industries seeking additional educational financial resources. The foundation advocates for causes on both a local and national level.

With the help of scholarships. This urgent need for accomplished professionals to undertake education in biocentric innovation, enology, viticulture, economics and the health aspects of food and wine can be addressed. The backing of educational and research activities will develop the essential viticultural and enological sciences to support a world-class North American wine industry and also research inspired from these natural systems for clinical practices

Wine Correspondent provides Wine Education, Wine Advisory Services and Workshops.

Ralph Del Rio - Founder & President

I believe knowing wine can help you discover the world in and inspiring way. 

I always strive to be a wine ambassador with no anxiety and pretension. Enjoy, relax, celebrate and have a good time helping to others understand that buying and drinking wine should never be stressful. Enjoying, friends and family, traveling and good food are core values in life. 

Wine is not only a passion but a way to learn about the world we live in. If you have always wanted to learn more about wine in and out of a classroom setting you'll find that here...I have a true passion for wine and history. I attend wine tastings, events, wine courses and excursions. 

I am regularly reading wine articles and blogs always focused on new trends, exploring the wine regions and the great wines of the world using that knowledge to grow personally and I use it to help others with their educational and business needs.

I am an MBA graduate with a concentration in Accounting and Finance; I have earned a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study(CAGS) from NOVA Southeastern University in Leadership & Education; a University of Florida Project Management Certification and Post Masters studies at Golden Gate University in Federal and State Taxation. I have worked in the Aerospace, Fashion, Cigar, Commercial Print Marketing and Non-Profit industries.

I am a graduate of the UC Davis Wine Business Executive Program in which there are only 1000 graduates. 

I have also earned advanced certifications from the Wine Sprit Education Trust (WSET), Court of Master Sommeliers(CMS), Certified Specialist of Wine(SWE) and the Federation of Dining Room Professionals (FDRP) for Culinary and Wine knowledge.

How to Contact Wine Correspondent:

For all general inquiries please send Ralph an email at: winecorrespondent@gmail.com

For advertising-related questions, also please contact : winecorrespondent@gmail.com.

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