Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Candy is a Great match for Wine... Check this Out!

Oh Yes Halloween!  Quickly becoming a holiday for adults. Yet another reason why America is so cool!

While the kids are trick-or-treating a lot of parents and folks take the time to throw wine gatherings; After all…that’s one of the best parts of being and adult. Another good thing is you can buy you can buy as much candy as you want. What can you say being an adult has its perks…

Believe it or not some of your favorite candies can match up pretty well with wines.

Yes you heard correctly and it’s mighty good too.

Let’s take a look at 3 of my favorites.

Sour Patch Kids and a Late Harvest Riesling from Washington State or a Canadian Ice Wine 
It’s the mouth-watering acidity of the Riesling with sweet and sour notes of granny smith apples, apricots and nectarine and honey flavors floating around make for an all-in-one match with the puckering Sour Patch Kids candy.

Hershey Krackel Fun Size Miniatures (in fact that whole bag has some merit) w/ Banyuls and Brachetto d'Acqui

...I started with just Krackel but I had to throw in the whole bag  :-)
I will bring both wines out for this and interchange them

First is a Banyuls with its perfect match up for chocolate. It’s a ‘chocolate love letter’. A grenache-based fortified wine with cherry flavors that goes great with dark chocolate and nutty candies

The second is the sweet, frothy red Brachetto d'Acqui to wash everything down with its aromatic slightly sparkling quality. All this goes so well with the crunchy goodness of these mini chocolate candy bars.

Butterfinger and a nice Madeira wine

Thomas Jefferson would probably approve. He had a sweet tooth. The Madeira’s sweet raisin, toffee, nutty and graham cracker flavors go with that crunchy chocolaty peanut butter wafer salt action and texture of the Butterfinger candy bar. A good Tawny Port from Australia would be really good too.

Now you can either take a look at your kids’ bag and pluck a tasty treat or just buy it up and have them handy. After all you are an adult… ;-)

Now that you know this; there is no stopping you now!!!

There are some great wines that go with the theme. Here is a link to several good ones to try…

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