Sunday, April 24, 2016

Spring time is a great time for wines from unsung varieties. Try a Loire Valley, Chenin Blanc; It's a a hint of sunshine!

Spring time is a great time for wines from unsung varieties and regions which are often good sources for wine bargains. They are often some of the best wines you can ever taste too.

Chenin Blanc for example is the foundation for many of the great white wines of France’s Loire Valley. In the cool Loire region, this grape variety performs at the peak of its potential, yielding wines with snappy acidity, hints of flowers and melon. Now doesn’t that sound refreshing?!?

A good wine for spring should be promising, but not too serious; young, with pleasure unfolds in the glass. A Loire Valley Chenin Blanc reveals exactly such qualities.  Recommend a white fish with a light sauce of butter, shallots and the white wine. Sounds great!

Besides after all those big red wines of winter, It’s good to gravitate toward a feminine, off-dry white, something floral with a hint of sunshine to it a wine with has roundness and warmth, but freshness, too. It just feels appropriate at this time of year. It really is hard to deny

They are French wines so look for producers of Vouvray. Remember, this pale gold wine is made from 100 percent Chenin Blanc grapes.

By the way, another menu suggestion is poached chicken breast in a delicate cream and fresh tarragon sauce. These herbs just compliment the wine so well. Herbs like Rosemary and Thyme too. The other thing Chenin Blanc is great with is goat cheese.  A Crostini with goat cheese spread on it as a pre-dinner snack is just awesome.

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