Thursday, March 31, 2016

The World's Premier Wine Executive Program is at the UC Davis Graduate School of Management

I recently attended and graduated from the UC Davis Wine Executive Program. The UC Davis Graduate School of Management is rated in the top 5 schools. It was a privilege to be one of these graduates. This year there was a large waiting list for the Wine Executive Program.

It is professionally run, very efficient and they provide exactly what they say they do. It's rigorous as well. The lectures and lessons are provided by faculty in the Department of Viticulture and Enology and Graduate Management School including key wine industry executives. The Wine Executive Program began in 2001, it has drawn wine industry decision-makers from key wine making regions of the world, including 27 U.S. states, France, England, Italy, Hungary, Australia, China, Chile, Argentina, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Indonesia and the Philippines. It now has just over 900 graduates. A solid networking experience.
The UC Davis Wine Executive Program is matchlessly designed to impart the details of winemaking and management skills necessary to be profitable in today’s challenging and dynamic wine industry. There is no other program like this program. It is the premier program. There really is no other as comprehensive and intense.

Importantly, the mission while you are there at UC Davis is receiving the knowledge from the faculty and trained professionals about the research efforts, research projects, understanding how the industry can invest in the developments and innovations. You get first hand exposure to this by the Department of Viticulture and Enology.

The sessions are custom-made to help industry leaders grow their businesses by intensifying on such topics as building one’s financial expertise and expanding a company’s current marketing and branding strategies including projects and legal case studies. Furthermore, as a student you are exposed to the latest state-of-the-art technologies and processes for making and selling wine as demonstrated in the worlds most advanced LEED platinum winery at the Department of Viticulture and Enology.

Explicitly designed to teach the skills necessary for middle and senior managers from wineries and vineyards of all sizes, financial institutions, service providers, industry suppliers, distributors, and affiliated businesses. It is very effective as a program for those interested in working with complex methods from different industries to bring back new innovative business ideas to your workplace.

Most importantly it has a focus on Investors, developers, entrepreneurs and those looking to cross the threshold of the wine business will also gain critical advantage from the program.

..and lets not forget the tastings. Many generous participants and sponsors help provide a sensational and diverse international experience.
If you are an experienced MBA and you have a strong wine education background; this program puts you in a position to lead and an organization in the industry. It also brings you into the family as an alumni of the UC Davis.
Visit the UC Davis Wine Executive Program web site at and you will find a lot of what I am echoing. I highly recommend it.

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