Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tampa is launching a new wine association. …Tampa Bay Wine Alliance - TBWA Wow!!!

Tampa is launching a new wine association. …Tampa Bay Wine Alliance  - TBWA

The website is evolving and will have the events and the on-goings. So it's a good App for the smartphone to know the events. It's also going to have a members only area as the site progresses further.
It is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to supporting the growing wine culture of the Tampa Bay region.

It has a nominal membership of $52 a year. It provides you 6 tasting events and you become a ‘Founding Member’ which for sure will have goodies involved.

It has the backing of some of the major restaurants in the area including Bern’s, Mise en Place and Charley’s Steakhouse to name some…and it will have a lot more in the tank for all kinds of wine lovers. Beginners to Aficionados.

The mission is to enhance the knowledge and appreciation of wine and wine service by promoting wine education and enjoyment throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area.

If you are a wine enthusiast, the goal of the alliance is to help you deepen your understanding through online content and tasting opportunities.

If you are involved with wine through the service industry, the organization will provide you with educational opportunities to increase your ability to serve customers and ultimately increase your earning potential.

If you are a “wine professional”, the goal is to support your efforts to be a leader in the industry, acquire professional certifications, and network with your peers.

Whatever your level of interest in wine, the alliance strive to develop a sense of community that will make the Tampa Bay area one of the top regions for wine knowledge and appreciation in the entire country. We hope you’ll support the efforts! Sounds ideal! By the way, my hat is 'in' on this.

Sign up today. Don’t miss out on this cool happening!

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