Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Buying wine can be downright difficult. Supply is often limited; without a clue about what to pick: Sure it can be a Challenge, but there's Great Enjoyment!

Buying wine can be difficult. I think that a lot of folks feel that way. So don’t feel too bad about it because you are at a disadvantage from the get go.

There are a lot of choices to choose from and without a clue about what to pick. It can be intimidating. It makes you want to throw up your hands in despair because it feels like an impractical boondoggle... especially, if you really want to start getting a handle on picking out wines.

Listen... it's not your fault at all !?!

A lot of that has been handed down to us in the United Stated due to the Prohibition period from 1920-1933.

The untangling of that has left a lot of different rules in almost every state. It makes it pretty hard to find what you are looking for sometimes; but the advent of the internet has helped a little in finding the wine you may be looking for.

Because supply is limited. It is uncertain that you’ll find what you are looking for to begin with.

There are basically 3 levels that exist that help get wines to the consumer and they are:


1.     The Wineries and the Importers


2.    The Wholesales and or Distributors


3.    Stores(stores)and Restaurateurs


Just so you know most of the wines that you consume at a restaurant or buy at a store are sold directly from the Wineries directly to the Level 2 Wholesalers. Likewise; Importers are essentially buyers and they are picking wines from all over the world, making arrangements, following rules doing the same.

Additionally, the Wholesalers and Distributers have to deal with all the rules and regulations in the states where they reside. There is a lot of red-tape and they have a lot of influence over the shaping the pricing of wine while they cut deals the Wineries and the Importers. The Wholesalers/Distributors figure out how much they will recompense for every individually bottle they handle and then sell them directly to the restaurants and stores. So at the consumer level finding a great deal is very satisfying.

So that leads the Stores and the Restaurants. The places that we know best in finding wine. The store options are grocery stores, supermarkets, national retail chains and wine and liquor stores. There are other places we find wine and that’s the Wineries themselves, Wine Clubs, Auctions and as I mentioned before the Internet… which is helping greatly in finding wines that the consumer is interested in for purchase.

* If you get the opportunity to travel wine country and visit wineries you get the chance to taste a lot before you buy and it can lead to some great deals.

*Be aware the when you buy a wine for dinner at a Restaurant, it can be up to two to three times the store/retail price. So be prepared.

If you do not know the bottle and a half bottle is available, that can be an option. It’s a challenge.

I find times where I am just pleased to find a favorite on the wine list and can make a good decision based on that if it matches with my meal. If I like the place, I consider that the upcharge is to keep the restaurant profits in line.

Also, Sometimes samplings exist so keep an eye out for that; also look for opportunities for 3 ounce pours.

I hope this is informative for you! Cheers! and enjoy the search!


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