Friday, September 9, 2011

Get Ready For The Loire!

The Holiday’s are upon us and that means abundant wine and great food. The Beaujolais season is here. But that’s not all that goes good with the seasonal food. There are also the great Rhone wines and the elegant Burgundies.

Yet arguably, the home of the most delicious seasonal wines is the Loire region; sort of where the unadulterated French wine is located.

Loire wines are mouthwatering and have lightness, casualness and brightness that put a twist in the flavors of those who love powerful Rhônes or elegant Burgundies. There is really not a heavy Loire wine, nor a high-alcohol Loire wine, white or red.

What’s incredible is the uniformity of appeal for the wines in the Loire that cuts across a 630-mile area near the Beaujolais region to the Atlantic Ocean. There are countless of vineyards and these really thrive and grow here because the countryside is dominated by rivers and moderate weather; with a lot of slopes and valleys. It is very rural. There are now 89 appellations.

With all this it’s hard to believe that it’s easy to understand this expansive area. Really? No Joke.

When you recognize that the region is dominated by a mere four major grape varieties - Sauvignon Blanc, Chenin Blanc, Melon de Bourgogne and Cabernet Franc - the wines become accessible, and so enjoyable. This is the key in untangling the superficial difficulty of Loire wine.

With some good prices right now. It is the best time to jump in with both feet for crisp, lush, grassy, citrus gooseberry Sauvignon Blanc; the multipurpose Chenin Blanc in all its polish; fresh and zesty Melon; and the surprisingly rich fullness of the Loire’s Cabernet Francs.

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