Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bordeaux Wines, Tasting Notes and Scores

Now that the summer of 2010 is in full gear; it’s a good time to look back at the Spring and some of those Bordeaux wines and how they fared at the tastings over the past few months. Whether it was the Ringling Museum tasting in Sarasota in January, the Tampa’s Einstein on Wine in February, Tarpon Springs B-21 Bordeaux tasting in April or May’s Bern’s Steakhouse Annual Tampa tasting to name some of the many good ones. Bordeaux was on everybody’s lips.

Many 2004’s and 2005’s Right Bank Bordeaux wines were being served and some oldies as well to talk about. It seems the 2004’s are being served not only because there are still many out in the marketplace but they are drinking very well now along with an ability to cellar them for another eight or ten years.

Also, the 2005 vintage was so great that there were just tons of values that were plain outstanding, that over performed and come within reach of the Grand Cru’s in quality, flavors and aging.

Here are some relevant tasting notes and commenting from some of those tastings:

2004 Pontet Canet – St Emillon: rich big dense sweet tobacco currants and oak, impressive.-'5L'

2004 Cannon La Gaffelierre – St. Emillon: Easy on attack but deep with Caramel notes, good nose.'3L'

2004 La Gaffeliere – St. Emillon: Elegant Style not overpowering, attractive texture.-'3SV'

2004 Clos Fouret – St Emillon: Dark ripe and succulent, good oak, round and coated in vanilla. '4'

2004 Lynch Bages – Pauillac: rich eucalyptus and black fruit flavors, pencil lead, good depth overlays god tannins.-'3V'

2004 Belle Vue- Haut Medoc: Excellent silky tannins with really good fruit, lush tobacco and cedar box, spice.- '4SV'

2004 Chateau Pavie Macquin- St.Emillon: firm rich deep black currants, nice touch of class.-'4L'

2005 Angelus – St. Emillon: fleshy and rich, black fruits, roasted flavors, luscious in scent and texture.- '5L'

2005 Domaine de Chavelier Rouge – Pessac Leognan: deep spicy tobacco, cedar, good nose and black fruits.-'5LV'

2004 Martinat Epicurea – Cotes de Bourg: Lush and velvet concentrated and complex, cherries, good body and admirable.- '4SV'

2005 La Rouselle – Fronsac: Smooth with nice textured tannins nicely refined solid wine. - '4SV'

2005 Chateau Plince – Pomerol: attractive and easy going, truffles, not sensuous but enjoyable.'2'

2005 Pauillac de Latour – Pauillac: Latour’s 3rd wine a great value for and expensive broad plummy style.-'4LSV'

2005 Chateau Batailley – Pauillac: Plums galore and black fruits, layered and supple.-'5LV'

2006 Chateau Montviel – Pomerol: rich with a lot of minerality, vaguely interesting.-'2'

2000 Chasse Spleen – Moulis: very dark fruits super flavors, leathery seductive lingering opulence found in 2nd or 3rd growths.-'5SLV'

1999 Chateau Ferriere – Margaux: Beautiful fragrance and charming and silky wine that is ready to enjoy.-'4LV'

A lot of these wines are delicious, available and make a great way to buy wines that one can enjoy today and for years to come. Seek out the ones that fit the budget and serve them with your favorite Steak, BBQ Ribs, Lamb or Pork dinner and please don’t forget those cheeses such as Camembert de Normandie, Maytag Blue and a good hard Cheddar!


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